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Monday, January 11 2016: When creating a website project, it’s always important to think about the end users of the site. Frequently it’s the case, however, that many designers focus too much on creating a site that will impress their clients, forgetting that it’s the audience who really matter.What you need to do as a designer, is talk with your client and keep the focus on the intended audience and make sure the client is thinking the right way. You want to keep pushing the point that whatever features you are including in the design are features that are going to greatly improve the user experience and that the audience will love these features.This is necessary because clients have an even greater tendency to forget the purpose of creating the website than designers do. First identify the audienceAre they kids? Geeks? Geeky kids? Justin Bieber fans? Well you need to be thinking about that from the... + continue reading
Saturday, January 9 2016: Conferences are a great way to meet new people and build community. Sometimes it's hard stepping out of your shell, but Mike Jones, Founder of Creative South design conference, give us some insight on why you should get out there and go, in our latest podcast episode. Just be careful though - if you proclaim your shyness, he might just call you out from stage. We've also included the top 16 design conferences we think you should go to this year! The 2016 Design Conference Roundup: Creative South April 7th-9th in Columbus, GA99U Conference May 5-6th in New York CityHOW Interactive Design Conference Sept, Oct. & Nov. in various cities HOW Design Live May 19th-23rd in Atlanta, GAAIGA Design Conference Oct 17th-19th in Las VegasSXSW March 11-12th in Austin, TXCircles Conference Sept. 7th-9th in... + continue reading
Tuesday, January 5 2016:  Cactus Cactus is a fast, free static website generator for Mac. Just pick a page template (portfolio, blog, or single page) to get started, and then focus on editing with live preview anywhere.  Evil Icons Evil Icons is a set of open source SVG icons, plus loading spinners, that are clean and simple. They come with code to support Rails, Sinatra, Node.js, Gulp, and Grunt.  UI Tiles UI Tiles is a system for building site maps and visual flowcharts for web projects, with 72 screens included. It has an elegant and light design, and it’s easy to use and customize to your needs.  Skeleton Skeleton is a simple, responsive boilerplate that’s super lightweight at roughly 400 lines. It’s quick to get started, with no installation or compiling necessary.  Material Palette Material Palette is a Material Design palette generator that’s super easy to use. Just pick... + continue reading
Tuesday, December 29 2015: The festive season is upon us, and there's no better time of the year to surround yourself with your friends and loved ones for a nice meal or party. And with New Year's Eve coming up, we all have the chance to celebrate another year gone, and the exciting potential that comes with 2016's beginning.While hosting any sort of get together is a lot of fun, it can come with a lot of work before and during. Luckily, smart home technology and connected gadgets can provide a digital helping hand when it comes to pretty much any type of in-home entertainment.Here are just a select few ways smart gadgets can help you throw the best party on your street this holiday season — all made possible with the Samsung SmartThings hub and the compatibility that the open SmartThings platform has with hundreds of smart devices. 1. Control your musicA party simply isn't a party without some great music.... + continue reading
Tuesday, December 29 2015: Here is yet another beautiful collection of news from the design industry to sum up the great year of 2015!Design Trend: How to Create a Cool Split Screen Aesthetic   The 4 Top Colour Trends for 2016   Design for Startup   Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing   Google Blocky – The Web-based Visual Programming Editor   FontPro – Typography Project Made Simple   I’m not a Talented Designer   The Very Best of Material Design in 2015   The Galaxy of ‘Star Wars’ Fonts   Being Responsive to the Small Things   Grid, Flexbox, Box Alignment: Our New System for Layout   The 10 Chrome Extensions You Need Most   Juntoo – Add Notes to any Element on any Web Page   How Advertising Taught Me Good Design   Brands that Won (and Lost) Google in 2015   Ad Blocking Phase II   National Geographic Release its Pictures... + continue reading
Tuesday, December 29 2015: If the project you were contracted for should last through holidays like Christmas, be sure to neglect the project for the entirety of the holidays. After all, your priorities during festive seasons should be on things like recreation and hanging out with your friends or family. Never mind the fact that your client already paid you a hefty retainer…which you’re already using. Plenty of web designers are consummate professionals who strive to do the best for their clients and provide excellent service. These are designers who rightly have pride in their work and love what they do. Then, unfortunately, you also have the other side of the equation: designers who don’t care about making their clients happy, and therefore don’t provide good service. These are designers whose standards are poor.Worse yet, from the client’s perspective, you can’t really weed out who’s who until you’... + continue reading
Saturday, December 19 2015: One of the most common questions we get is “How do I pick the right t-shirt for my project?” And, with so many options available to you in today’s market, it’s not an easy question to answer.We typically recommend going with the best shirt your budget affords, as people like to wear shirts that fit well, are soft, and will last for a long time.When determining what shirt is right for your project, material is the first essential element to consider. Cotton is, by far, the most common material used to make garments, and manufacturers use a variety of terms to let you know what type of cotton they are using. 100% Preshrunk Cotton and 100% Ringspun Cotton are the two most common types used. Manufacturers also use synthetic fibers including Polyester, Rayon and Spandex in garments as well. Sometimes these fibers will be blended with the natural cotton to yield a different type of... + continue reading
Saturday, December 19 2015: Foil is a specialty print option that’s become very popular! It adds a new vividness of color to your shirt and if done well can really make your design stand out. Here are the most common questions we’re asked about foil. How do you apply foil to a shirt? It is applied to your shirts by first printing your design with a special glue using our press. We then adhere the foil to the glue with our heat press. The combination of heat and pressure seals the foil before the excess is removed.What are my foil color options? We offer standard colors that include: Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Copper and Green. If you are looking for a custom color or pattern, let us know! Any color is available in shiny or matte.How long will foil last on my shirts? If the foil is applied properly, it will last for a long time. However, each time you wash it the shimmer and... + continue reading
Saturday, December 19 2015: Businesses obsess over their visual brands. They spend days debating the typeface selection, but give no thought to the words. In most cases, a company will assign the first wave of written communication to someone internal who’s “good at writing.” This is usually an English major, who knows a lot about spelling and grammar, but knows nothing about how to bring a brand’s voice to life. This means the company’s first website, press release and product guide are a collage of this poor staffer’s voice, what they think the company is, and arbitrary edits made during the revision process. Writing using your brand’s voice needs to be done correctly from the very start. Otherwise, it’s impossible to know if your brand is effective. Too often, a company’s brand image is on point, but it’s being dragged down by mindless copy, with no clear voice. This leads the company to... + continue reading
Friday, December 11 2015: An here is another inspiration from the 3D Design world. This time round we feature an extraordinary 3D Pen. Check Out The Video + continue reading


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