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Royal Kuku Bike Branding (Royal Farms)

Royal Kuku a sub unit of Royal Farms Ugandas came up with an idea of having delivery bikes for doing quick light distribution around Kampala. We were previleaged to be chosen to do the branding of these Amazing Mahindra Bikes.

Gilgal Nutrition & Dietetic Clinic

Gilgal Nutrition and Dietetic Clinic is found at the very heart of Mukono. As a brand new nutrition clinic, they needed the right marketing ambassadors. We got them hooked with the right well thought branding for startups.

Afros N Mo

Located at the heart of Kampala, Afros N Mo needed more outdoor visibility for its potential customers. Oneway vision sticker and lightboxes did the magic

CGS Schools Initial Branding

Christ The Good Shepherd Kindergarten & Daycare is a christian founded school located Kisaasi This can be reflected in their Motto: "Excellence All To The Glory Of God" The Christian background was the guiding factor in description of their brand guide and was also inspiration behind the Logo Design

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