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Movie Trailers To Spice Up Your Weekend

Game of Thrones, Captain America: Civil War, Kubo and the Two Strings, and more. Take a look...


Captain America: Civil War

It's easy for Marvel trailers to just look like more fighting, but this week's new look at Captain America: Civil War does a good job of making it seem like all that fighting is really about something. It's one of the best Marvel trailers in a while — and it all leads up to the tease of a long-awaited character at the end. The movie comes out on May 6th.



Game of Thrones

There's little over a month to go until Game of Thrones starts up again, and this week HBO finally started dishing out some of its footage. This is a pretty wonderful trailer that forgoes the epic violence that could be included in favor of a worried, mournful — and, later, intense — look at where the show's many characters are going. Season six begins on April 24th.



Kubo and the Two Strings

Laika, the studio behind Coraline and The Boxtrolls, is back with another unreasonably gorgeous stop-motion animated film. Kubo and the Two Strings is trying to be a charming, magical adventure, and it each trailer makes it look like Laika could just pull it off. The movie comes out on August 19th.



Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep plays an eccentric socialite and terrible singer in Florence Foster Jenkins, a wry take on the life of a famously bad American performer. It's directed by Stephen Frears, who made The Queen, and co-stars Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg. It's out in the UK on May 6th; it's not clear if there's a US release date yet, but it's been picked up for distribution.



Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Here's what happens when The Lonely Island make a film. Popstar has tons of comedians and cameos and is just generally about Andy Samberg doing ridiculous things (the trailer has brief nudity, by the way). There is a very good chance that you will enjoy this trailer exactly as much as you enjoy The Lonely Island's music. The film is out on June 3rd.



A Hologram for the King

A Hologram for the King, the Dave Eggers book, is a strange, energetic, almost-Kafkaesque story about a man, totally lost in Saudi Arabia, on an impossible quest to save himself and his relationship with his daughter. A Hologram for the King, the movie, is maybe none of that except for the Saudi Arabia bit. If the book's character is in there, it's all covered up by some of the cheesiest voiceover you've seen on a trailer in years, trying to pitch us on a totally normal feel-good Tom Hanks movie. Let's hope there's more to it. The movie comes out on April 22nd.




Vice Principals

It's been a few years since Eastbound & Down, and now Danny McBride is returning to HBO in another wild and likely offensive form. Vice Principals has McBride and Walton Goggins co-starring as petty, immature men fighting for the top position at a high school. The series starts up in July.



The Adderall Diaries

I have no doubt that A24 (the distributor behind Spring Breakers, Ex Machina, and Room) has good taste, but I'm getting the impression that it's really good at making trailers, too. An international trailer for the The Adderall Diaries was put out by another distributor last week, and it made the whole thing look like a cheesy, low-budget drama. This week, we have A24's version, which makes the movie look like it could be an unsettling thriller. James Franco stars. It's out in the US on April 15th.



Our Little Sister

After playing at Cannes and opening in Japan last year, Our Little Sister is headed to the UK and on demand. The film is supposed to be a beautifully shot portrait of three women and their younger, estranged half-sister, which is all pretty clear within an instant of opening this trailer. It's out April 15th



The Trust

You never know which side of Nicolas Cage you're going to get in any given Nicolas Cage movie, but take my word that The Trust has the exact side you've been looking for. The film has him playing a cop who's trying to pull off a heist, and Cage seems to be hitting that perfect mix of serious and goofy that's always fun to watch. Also, Elijah Wood plays his partner. It's out on May 13th.


The Ranch

Just remember, this is how Netflix actually makes its money.