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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Screen Printing But Were Too Afraid to Ask

You might ask yourself. What is screen printing? For us, screen printing is undoubtedly an art form .The attention to detail that goes into the screen printing process is crucial, and because we understand the importance of that, we know how to deliver superior screen printed products.

Vehicle Branding

An affordable and stylish way to advertise your business while transforming your fleet into a mobile billboard is by vehicle branding. At Kwik Computing we ensure that your design seamlessly integrates with your company’s corporate ‘look & feel’

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How to manage a huge client - Advice for keeping complex, multinational projects running like clockwork.
01. Embracing bulk file sharing services, 02. Use Time Differences to Your advantage, 03. Multi-tasking, 04. Build relationships – and not just with the bosses
Some Of The Best New Portfolio Websites

Hugo Brook

Hugo Brook’s portfolio doesn’t bother with imagery, and for good reason. Hugo is primarily a developer. The emphasis is placed on describing the tools he uses, and linking to live site’s that he’s worked on.

The monospaced typographical approach fits the theme, and the vertical navigation is an interesting touch.

The ”Modern” Retro Graphic Design Style

Graphic design, and in fact, all the creative arts, are forever evolving. That’s because creatives take their inspiration from the world around them, which is also always changing. That means that design trends come and go, but it seems like reinterpreting the past will never go out of fashion. Most design experts agree, retro inspiration is here to stay!

7 Graphic Design Trends For 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, 2017 offers graphic designers new options and choices when it comes to what trends to adopt. Whilst many of 2016’s graphic design trends are still as popular as ever, there are a few new ones making their way into the forefront of designer’s minds. Here are 7 design trends to make sure to look out for in 2017.


10 Color Inspiration Secrets Only Designers Know About

“Color: what a deep and mysterious language!”

Specific hues can provoke different emotions, associations, and responses that affect how your brand is perceived. Put simply, color choices can make or break a design. In fact, research has shown that color can increase brand recognition (by up to 80%), memory, engagement with a design piece, text comprehension, among many others.

10 pen and ink drawing techniques and tips

Today we are sharing some ink drawing techniques by Thomas Fluharty from Check out the inspirational video at the end of this blog

10 Hottest Design Tools You Must Try In 2016

A recent design tools survey conducted by Khoi Vinh, one of Fast Company’s “fifty most influential designers in America”, shows that Photoshop is slowly losing its popularity among designers.

Answers from over 4,000 participants hailing from almost 200 countries prove that designers are open to new tools that ease the process of conceptualizing, wireframing, prototyping and designing digital products.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest design tools you must try in 2016.

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