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Check Out These 25 Examples of Brand Identity Design Done Right

Identity branding is an intergral part of business. After all, you have make sure that you can market yourself properly. It’s not always easy trying to come up with a design that suits your needs. Something that not only reflects what you stand for but showcases the personality of your brand as well, whether it’s your personal brand or for a business that you have.

5 Unusual Personal Branding Tips

Everyone says you absolutely need to build a personal brand. But do you, really? Here are five things to consider.

Personal Branding Tip 1: Do Your Research First

Commit to a niche--but choose one you can actually win.

What do you want to be known for? What sets you apart from other established influencers in the same space (e.g., maybe they're all super smart but really boring)? How are you going to be memorable?

3 branding myths busted

Adam Rix from Music explains how the Manchester agency's creative approach to branding disproves many commonly held beliefs.


Online brand-building

Building a brand online is a different task to traditional brand building. Of course it won’t hurt to combine the offline and online marketing techniques, and indeed for best results, you should do that. Too many times clients think that all they need to do is have a website made for them and then they can sit back and count the money as millions of visitors arrive at their site.

Brand Visibility: Techniques and Tactics

Your brand becomes visible by being shared, read and seen on social media, as well as on traditional media. From logos to slogans to photos to tweets, posts and advertising, your message must be consistent.

In an effort to create consistency, you'll want to write down your brand objectives and consider your reasons behind building a brand. You'll review the benefits and highlights of the products and/or services you offer, review what makes your business unique (which may tie into your corporate culture), and think about your motives for being in business.

4 Expert Tips For Creating A Killer Brand Strategy

Four senior creatives share their advice for crafting winning brand worlds.

Strategy is the ultimate dark art of branding. Get it right, and you'll create successful design that gets results. But get it wrong and you'll end up with a solution to the wrong problem.

"Strategy is a springboard to great, unforgettable ideas," says Pearlfisher founder Jonathan Ford. "You have to know your market. You have to lift up the rocks and see what's crawling about underneath, as well as what's basking in the sunshine."

How to create a personal brand, and why you should

The concept of having a personal brand can be intimidating. It seems like only famous people have a shot at establishing one, since their names are already well-known. Fortunately, you don’t have to achieve widespread fame, or even fame within your industry, before you can win at personal branding.

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