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Tuesday, December 8 2015: I’m always amazed by business owners and CEOs who spend considerable time and money on branding initiatives, only to neglect the most important component of their brand: Their people. If you want to build a great brand, you better start on the inside and work your way out. Seriously. If you can’t convince your employees to be your greatest brand ambassadors, who can you convince? If they aren’t drinking the Kool-aid, who will? It’s interesting, during a brand audit, to compare the company’s external market research data with prevailing internal attitudes. I’ve seen companies that accurately claim to have a 98 percent approval rating. “Customers love us,” they say. But when we talk to employees, suppliers, past employees, and friends and family, a completely different tune emerges. Despite the happy customers, we often find a vocal group that is ready, willing and quite happy... + continue reading
Thursday, December 3 2015:    Here we are again with a cool collection of more than 60 fresh resources for you to download. You’ll find stacks of icons, tons of web development tools, new responsive concepts, plugins, WordPress themes, PSD templates, incredible UI kits, and of course some awesome fonts. So make some room on your hard drive, sit back, and start scrolling to see this month’s freebies. Enjoy! Simple Icons Simple Icons is a collection of over 180 icons of the most popular brands of websites and applications that come along with their respective HEX-format color.  Google’s Material Icons for Sketch A stunning set of minimal icons in Sketch format that also are available in a Github repository containing almost 100 icons in the current version.  A set of over 5800 filled sport icons A set of over 5800 sports icons in a filled style that come available in PSD... + continue reading
Tuesday, December 1 2015: Every month we present to you trending design news from selected internet blogs. If you are a graphic designer interested in the art of web design, here is a special selection of design trends to catch up on.4 Layout Trends on Dribbble  Must-Know Techniques for HTML5 Responsive Design  7 Common Mistakes Made with Responsive Mockups  The Cost of Frameworks  Why is it so Hard to Find a Front End Developer?  The Future of Responsive Design Standards  Web Design Trends 2015 & 2016: Fearless Colors  10 Things I Learned About UX by Being Drunk  The Story Behind the New  Photos of Darth Vader’s Rather Ordinary Daily Life  Google’s Star Wars – Rebrand Google with the Light, or Dark Side  Responsive Times Two: Essential New Books from Ethan Marcotte & Karen McGrane  I Am Done with Bad Meetings  Instantsearch.... + continue reading
Thursday, November 26 2015: 1. Start with DiscoveryStop. Designing a logo is a bit like climbing down a mountain, and that’s but half the journey. Discovery is the first part of the process and more akin to ascending the mountain. As a credible designer you are creating a subjective solution that addresses the objective needs of your client. More than a clever image, your design needs to have strong logic for why it will build relevance with your client’s customers. Intuition, though valuable to the design process, is multiplied exponentially by research.Cosmosphere International SciEd Center and Space Museum2. Create Your RoadmapBefore any design happens, develop and prioritize a creative brief based on the discovery phase and that you and your client agree on. Let this serve as your design roadmap. This document isn’t designed to limit your creativity but to most effectively channel it. Only by mutually... + continue reading
Saturday, November 21 2015:  Let's say you've come to the difficult realization that quite frankly your brand -- if you can even call it that -- is all over the place. Or perhaps worse, you have a defined brand, but you're noticing that it just doesn't seem to mesh with who you really are and what you really do.  Don't panic. Before you get all hung up on what shade of green to use for your logo or what tone you're going to use when engaging with people on Twitter, you need to step back and take a look at the big picture.  Let's clear up the biggest misconception about brand strategy: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. In fact, your brand is much more than that -- it's the stuff that feels intangible. But it's that hard-to-pin-down feeling that separates powerhouse and mediocre brands from each other. So to help you rein in what many marketers... + continue reading
Tuesday, November 17 2015: There are so many options when it comes to designing and having your shirts printed. You have to pick a shirt style, shirt color, ink colors and decide if you want to add any additional details like custom screen-printed tags. We've gathered a few images, of some recent printed apparel, that we thought could help inspire your next printed design. Check it out!Source: RealThread  + continue reading
Monday, November 16 2015: Kwik Computing Limited featured as a winner at the Top 100 Mid-Sized Company Awards held on Friday 14th November at Hotel Africana. The Daily Monitor and KPMG sponsored the awards.We thank you for your support as we aim higher in an endeavour to keep up with our motto "Quality With Perfection" + continue reading
Tuesday, November 10 2015: At kwik Computing, we strive for consistency in the Branding of our clients from the smallest logo details to the biggest details.Every company has a brand, whether they make it a priority or not. Simply defined, a brand is what people think about you – the impressions they have when hearing or seeing your name. In most cases your brand is reflected initially in your logo mark, then supported by your messaging. These experiences influence attitudes and opinions about your company, nonprofit, school, product, service, etc.A good brand is built over time and requires thought, strategy and consistent implementation.- Does consistency matter to you and your brand?- Consistency helps you manage perceptions. By thinking carefully and deliberately about your brand you can shape how people perceive your organization. Consistency connotes professionalism, purpose and stability.- Consistency... + continue reading
Friday, November 6 2015: As we get kicking in into the new month, here's a special from Kwik Computing. Scroll down and you’ll find amazing icons, templates, mockups, themes, ui kits, fonts, layout tools, JavaScript snippets, and some diverse tools for web design.Go ahead and grab it all… Squid InkLine Icons A pack of line icons in vector format that feature miscellaneous elements and come with a 100 gesture line icons set. These icons come in PSD, Ai, EPS, PNG and SVG format.  World Landmark Icons A set of 18 line vector icons that represent the most well-known landmarks across the world, these icons come in Ai, EPS, PDF, PNG and PSD formats.  Sketch country flags kit A kit of 180 flags crafted in Sketch format that can be easily called and placed through Swift language coding.  Inkallicons A set of 150 free icons related to miscellaneous topics and crafted in line style that... + continue reading
Tuesday, October 20 2015: The complexities of design and development in 2015 require a flexible approach. Where once large agencies hired permanent staff and fed them jobs, now small agencies, and even freelancers, build dynamic teams for each fresh challenge. This on-the-fly approach is made possible by a core team supplementing its skills and experience when required. It’s a trend that is revitalizing the industry as the creative processes of different freelancers cross-pollinate, resulting in truly innovative design collaborations. However, when we left our offices, cubicles, and studios, we lost some of the group dynamic that helped us work efficiently. Adobe’s Creative Cloud aims to solve that issue with its “connected creative canvas” approach that enables creatives to work anywhere, with anyone, whether on a powerful Dell desktop, or on Apple’s iPad. Designers may work onsite, remotely... + continue reading


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