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Saturday, April 16 2016: An abstract message. A creative way to express the message of the company without using a logo. Using logos are cool if they’re a part of the overall design that include other elements, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. Simple designs resonate with me more, but a cool graphic is fun if it’s done well or by a really awesome designer. How it fits and feels. A shirt that is light and has breathable fabric is the best. It’s nice if they are super soft but have good structure - the cut of it, the neck line and the sleeves are important. Long is good. Something that is fashion friendly and up with the trends, but not clingy and not too loose. Most blends are great because you don’t have to iron them! It goes with everything. Neutral colors are my go to. Black, white, and grey are the best... + continue reading
Wednesday, April 13 2016: Pierre I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know enough French to tell if “Leverrier” is Pierre’s last name, nickname, or some sort of adjective. I couldn’t find his full name in the site’s content. The confusion around his name aside, the site is good-looking, usable, though heavily focused on animation. The imagery is good, and the vintage video background on the homepage is a nice touch, style-wise.  Zeh Fernandes Zeh Fernandes has achieved the sort of minimalism that makes his one-page site calming to look at. Then again, I am maybe too easily calmed by black text on a white background. Still, Zeh is a master of both code and design, and it shows.  Matt Weller Matt Weller is yet another designer who takes a big risk by making his portfolio just one big carousel full of his work. Still, his skills as a graphic designer and illustrator make the show a pleasant one... + continue reading
Sunday, April 3 2016: Your brand becomes visible by being shared, read and seen on social media, as well as on traditional media. From logos to slogans to photos to tweets, posts and advertising, your message must be consistent.In an effort to create consistency, you'll want to write down your brand objectives and consider your reasons behind building a brand. You'll review the benefits and highlights of the products and/or services you offer, review what makes your business unique (which may tie into your corporate culture), and think about your motives for being in business.You'll then add to your answers the final ingredient: Who are your target customers, and what do they want? This question can be answered largely by engaging with like-minded individuals on social media. For example, if you're planning to open a new brewery, you'll want to find out not only whether people want lighter beers... + continue reading
Sunday, April 3 2016: In 2010, Elliot Stocks stirred up a hornets’ nest with a provocative tweet:"Honestly, I’m shocked that in 2010 I’m still coming across ‘web designers’ who can’t code their own designs. No excuse."The internet was abuzz for a long time, and the debate continues. To code or not to code? It remains a charged topic with strongly opinionated advocates on both sides.Why you don’t need to codeWith the right tool, a designer simply doesn’t need to know how to code to build a beautiful, functional, and responsive website. What’s more, most designers simply don’t want to code. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called specialization. In the past, there was nothing designers could do to get around the necessary development work (if not by them, then by someone else). It was a necessary nuisance. But that’s no longer the case — we have professional drag-and-drop tools now.Designers... + continue reading
Sunday, April 3 2016:  Video of Start-up on a shoestring: the hottest business start-up ideas of 2016When starting your own business, you have two options: do what you already know, but do it better than the competition, or find a gap in the market and build a product or service around it.In the video above, Rebecca Burn-Callander highlights some of the hottest start-up sectors for 2016, from healthy food products to 3D printing.  + continue reading
Sunday, April 3 2016: What types of images will work ok?If you are scanning the images yourself from photographs it is better to save them in either tif, or eps format. These image formats will preserve the color and sharpness of your pictures the best.File formats like gif or jpg compress the pictures color and pixel resolution and this can cause color shifts and blurriness. Since jpg and gif are the most predominant image formats on the web, it follows that it's not a good idea to simply lift an image from someone's website and use it in your layout. You should scan your images using a resolution of 300dpi at the final dimensions you intend to use them so that your colors will look smooth, and hard objects will look sharp. In other words don't scan at 300dpi and then enlarge the picture by 200% in your layout program! This is another reason why you should not use images that are lifted from websites;... + continue reading
Thursday, March 24 2016: What is it with designers trash-talking these publishers? Get your heads out of the ground! Template-based publishers offer a major business opportunity; if you’re still stuck in the mud writing them off, you’re missing out…big time. Designer 1; Pfft. Squarespace? That’s what we tell clients who can’t afford us: “Just go make a Squarespace site. Do it yourself. You don’t need us.” Who cares? If they can’t pay the full price of development, we’re not interested. or Designer 2; WTF are you talking about, design a Squarespace website? Design it? Just tell the client to use it out of the box. Why would you EVER offer Squarespace design? Just tell your clients to do it themselves if that’s what they want. Here’s the truth: we designers are trained to take criticism; it comes with the job. But, the moment we... + continue reading
Sunday, March 13 2016: Game of Thrones, Captain America: Civil War, Kubo and the Two Strings, and more. Take a look... Video of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2   Captain America: Civil War It's easy for Marvel trailers to just look like more fighting, but this week's new look at Captain America: Civil War does a good job of making it seem like all that fighting is really about something. It's one of the best Marvel trailers in a while — and it all leads up to the tease of a long-awaited character at the end. The movie comes out on May 6th.   Video of Game of Thrones Season 6: Trailer (RED BAND) (HBO)   Game of Thrones There's little over a month to go until Game of Thrones starts up again, and this week HBO finally started dishing out some of its footage. This is a pretty wonderful trailer that forgoes the epic violence that could be... + continue reading
Saturday, March 12 2016: Want to learn Photoshop? Or hone your skills in the photo editing software? Then check out these top online resources. Photo editing software Photoshop is a popular choice among designers, which is is evident from the hundreds of Photoshop tutorials and resources around for people wanting to learn the art of Photoshop CC (and previous versions). But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked some top sites that will really help you get to grips with the image editing software. 01. Adobe is the obvious first port of call for information on Photoshop Adobe, the company that makes Photoshop, is the obvious first port of call for information on it, especially for beginners. You'll find some great tutorials for beginners and a ton of excellent videos. 02. Pluralsight Learn, master and discover the creative possibilities of Photoshop... + continue reading
Thursday, March 10 2016: Starting a clothing line may seem like a daunting task to some. But it doesn't have to be! If you are considering the right things, you can set yourself up for success and avoid any headaches in the future.Who and what are you designing for? This is a simple, yet important question. Before you ever decide to start a clothing line, you need to know who and what you are designing for. Is it a cause? Is it a sport? Is it a movement? Is it a hobby? Make it something you’re passionate about sticking with for the long haul. You also need to determine who you are designing for. What’s the age rage? male, female or both? what do they like best about your hobby? Do your research, ask other members of your community to chime in and turn your passion into a reality. Chances are there are a lot of other start up clothing lines looking to do the same thing.... + continue reading


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