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Wednesday, October 26 2016: Screen printing is an extremely affordable method of printing and hence very popular. However, often because it is so economical people associate the low cost with low quality. That is not necessarily true. Screen printing can give fantastic results. However, it is important to go to a screen printing expert who knows what he is doing. Here are some tips for screen printing that you can use on DIY projects. These tips will also come handy when you need to evaluate potential screen printers for your screen printing needs.Tips to Improve Screen Printing QualityInk Quality: The consistency of ink is a critical factor in the quality of screen printing. Inks can be classified as stiff or loose depending on their consistency. Some printers try to adjust the squeegee angle and pressure to compensate for the consistency of ink. This is likely to make the screen printing process much more... + continue reading
Tuesday, October 4 2016: Do you struggle to keep your working day on track? Perhaps you’re so caught up with small unimportant tasks that you never seem to make any headway on the things that matter. Working longer hours isn’t the answer. And you can’t magically squeeze more hours from your day. So, how can you adapt to get more done?The answer is better time management. By taking control of your time, you can eliminate non-essential tasks and achieve more in your working day. This not only reduces the stress and anxiety of always feeling like you’re behind, but will also help you get ahead in your career and make your job more enjoyable.The following tips will help you take control of your time:Invest in the right office stationeryBefore you overhaul your routine for the better, you need the right tools. Invest in office stationery that will enhance organisation in the workplace. Items like diaries, planners... + continue reading
Monday, September 26 2016: The process of screen printing using mesh stencils made with photosensitive chemical emulsions are explained below, with helpful tips for each step to enable any artist (whether novice or expert) to achieve success in screen printing. 1. Choose or Create the Artwork to Be Screen PrintedThe best way to prepare artwork to be screen printed is to have it copied onto a transparency. Most copy shops do this for a very small fee. Original artwork can be painted directly onto a transparency or onto any piece of sturdy, clear plastic. Beginners should create simple designs with fairly clear, thick lines since screen printing delicate, fine-lined artwork can be tricky.The objective is to create what artists call a "film positive" of the artwork, which is 100 percent black on a clear background. Whether it is printed or hand-drawn, the artwork blocks the emulsion on the screen and the... + continue reading
Tuesday, September 13 2016: Here's a 10-tip checklist to ensure all your print projects are perfect… 01. Avoid gimmickry at all costsThe need for the process has to be baked into the concept. Gimmickry sounds like a dirty word but sometimes that's exactly what you need, just make sure it's relevant to the idea. 02. Add the unexpectedWhen possible convey several layers of meaning, or add something unexpected. That said, try to combine a strict rational approach in defining a communication strategy with an open-minded, human touch. 03. Strip the concept backEven if you're working on a self-initiated project, strip it down to the bone and distill it into one word, an image or a even a video clip. Go back to it during the process to check if you're are on the right track. If the concept strays from the essence, scrap it. 04. Keep your clients informedGenerally, the discovery of new finishes comes... + continue reading
Thursday, September 8 2016: Today we are sharing some ink drawing techniques by Thomas Fluharty from Check out the inspirational video at the end of this blogWhen drawn with knowledge, a great ink drawing carries a certain evocative power that stems from the cleanliness of the finished work. However, that same cleanliness can also leave you vulnerable because high contrast line drawings give you nowhere to hide. Every line communicates knowledge and power or timidity and uncertainty. It’s a fine line between one and the other, no pun intended. Here are some of my techniques for making ink drawing more approachable and less nerve-racking.  01. Tools of the trade My pen, nibs, and ink To draw in ink, you need a pen, nibs, and ink. I like using Higgins Black Magic ink, which is waterproof when dry, so I can paint over it and the ink won’t run. Remember to only pull or drag a nib... + continue reading
Tuesday, September 6 2016: 1. Brand or BE branded!Whether you like it or not, you’ve got a brand. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, it’s what comes to mind when people think about you, and it’s how people describe you to their friends.Chances are, you want SOME say in what people say about you, right? You want to make sure people are perceiving you the way YOU want to be perceived, right? I mean, obviously.In order to do that, you need to create a brand for yourself – A brand that represents you, your goals, and your accomplishments. As Work It Daily (formerly CAREEREALISM) founder and CEO J.T. O’Donnell says, you must “brand or BE branded!” 2. Be honest about your brand.This is important – Don’t build a brand that’s not true to you. Not only is it exhausting to try and keep up with something you’re not, but everyone can see right through it.Don’t strip your brand of it’s... + continue reading
Thursday, August 11 2016: In every business, a customer comes first. At Kwik Computing, The Customer is always given top priority. In order to grow your brand and keep up with your customers, it’s important to focus on these 3 specific areas. Here's how selection, quality & experience will impact your customers and what you can do to stay ahead. 1. More designs, more often.Historically, large retail stores put out new apparel with the changing of fashion seasons. Ultimately, this results in a lack of variety on a regular basis. As consumers, the selection should not be limited to seasons only. Stay with the consumer and give them what they want when they want it, even if that means adding more designs through out the year.  However, don’t design to design - make it matter. It should be in line with you brand, mission and values. This typically results in a faster turnaround, thus letting your... + continue reading
Thursday, August 11 2016: 1. What is my main goal? Do you want to tell a story? Do you want it to represent your brand? Do you want it to start conversations? Design for something.2. How will I use the shirts? There are a number of ways you can use your custom printed t-shirts: customer acquisition, team building, giveaways, free trial sign-up, holiday gift, sell a new style, etc. Figure out what you and your users needs are, then meet them.3. Am I familiar with the various shirt styles, fabric blends and printed results? There are plenty of options when it comes to blanks and styles. Some of the most popular options are American Apparel, Next Level Apparel and Bella and Canvas apparel. Fabric blends play a huge role in the outcome of your print. Decide the look you want, then find a shirt that will provide the perfect outcome!4. Do I have all my design details ready?  It’s your shirt, make... + continue reading
Thursday, August 11 2016: It's hard to get excited for new tablets when all tablets now look like rectangular slabs. Acer's Predator 8 gaming tablet dares to be different with sharp angles and edges, a silver-and-red paint job, and four front-facing speakers. So how is it? I, personally, wouldn't say the tablet's design is the sleekest, but if you're down with the aggressive hardware look, I'm not going to judge you. The Predator 8 has an 8-inch display with 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. It looks good, but I wouldn't say iPad mini-good. Image: Raymond Wong/MashableUnderneath the glass, you'll find a 64-bit Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD card slot). There weren't many games installed on the demo units to really push the tablet hard so I can't really tell you if the performance is superior to other gaming tablets like the Nvidia Shield... + continue reading
Wednesday, August 10 2016: Facebook Messenger is slated to get a big overhaul. Mashable has learned Facebook plans to announce that it's opening up Facebook Messenger to third-party apps during its upcoming F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco next week.The social network is set to announce about 20 third-party services, whose apps will work on top of Messenger when the integration rolls out, according to a person familiar with the matter. It's not yet clear who the early partners are or what the integration will look like, but Facebook will likely expand the capability to more developers following the initial rollout. Facebook has previously announced major new features at its F8 Developer Conference and typically offers guidance, in the form of workshops and talks on the new features to developers during the event. The upcoming update to Messenger, first reported Thursday, is the company's latest... + continue reading


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