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Benefits of Custom Printing

Branding is an important part of any business. It can reflect the identity of a company. A brand can tell a story through a logo, a slogan, a color or font. When your company has established a brand, it is important to get that brand out into the public so that it can become recognizable

1) Low-Cost Effective Marketing: Advertising campaigns on a large scale can be very expensive, and sometimes seem out of reach for smaller businesses with lower marketing budgets. So how can your business get its name out there? By putting your logo on products your business is already distributing. For example, a food service company is already using products such as cups, napkins, cutlery kits, etc. Custom printing a brand identifier, such as a logo, onto these products can effectively spread the brand, and it’s typically a very inexpensive but effective marketing tool. Essentially, your customers begin providing your business with a free form of advertising by bringing branded products out into the public.

2) Instant Brand Recognition: Placing a logo on your products can be a great way to get customers to remember and recognize your business. According to Darwin, “An article published in states that 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years.” This recognition is a key factor for drawing in new customers and retaining current ones.

3) Greater Exposure of Your Business: We all see ads on billboards while driving and commercials while at home. They can be effective, but they don’t last long. There’s only a matter of seconds for a company to get their message across. When you add your brand to something the customer actually has in their hands and takes with them, it can leave a much more lasting impression. Not only does it reach the customer who has the item, but it also reaches everyone that the customer has contact with while using the item. This lasting impression can spread your brand to a wider audience, and increase the chance of consumers remembering it.

4) Works As Your Business Card: Custom printed products can help get the message across about your business, just like a business card. Products, such as cups, can contain your logo, slogan, contact info, company message, etc. They can even help build the social media following of your business and play into social media campaigns by integrating items such as QR Codes onto your products. These codes can be scanned by customers on their phone, directing them to a social media site, contest, or giveaway.

5) Customer Loyalty: Building your brand is crucial to retaining customer loyalty. It’s important to get your name out there, but it’s also important to make sure that name is associated with quality. Be sure to use quality products when custom printing. You don’t want your logo to be on cups that leak or bags that are always tearing open. The better the product, the better the chance of customers coming back to your brand, and recommending that brand to others.


At Kwik Computing Limited., we offer custom printing options for all products. Call/WhatsApp us on +256 756 188141 or email us on [email protected] and order custom printed products for your business.