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Brand Visibility: Techniques and Tactics

Your brand becomes visible by being shared, read and seen on social media, as well as on traditional media. From logos to slogans to photos to tweets, posts and advertising, your message must be consistent.

In an effort to create consistency, you'll want to write down your brand objectives and consider your reasons behind building a brand. You'll review the benefits and highlights of the products and/or services you offer, review what makes your business unique (which may tie into your corporate culture), and think about your motives for being in business.

Facebook makes a better News Feed for slow connections

Facebook has well over a billion users, but it's not stopping there: It wants all those users — with wildly different hardware — to have an experience that keeps them coming back.

That's why it built an entirely new mobile News Feed designed to work with the 2G cellular connections that are common in developing countries. Facebook announced this new News Feed in a blog post.

How to disable autoplay for videos on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are facing renewed criticism for their autoplaying video features.

While autoplaying video has been a boon for advertisers and publishers hoping to further their reach on social media, for users, the feature has potential to be downright disturbing. Many users were sharply reminded of this Wednesday after unintentionally seeing the grisly video that captured the shooting deaths of a Virginia television reporter and cameraman, after the clip was posted on social media.

The Quiet Racism of Instagram Filters

Last year, Danity Kane's Dawn Richards uploaded a selfie on Instagram that lead to plenty of backlash from her fans. Aside from the apparent plastic surgery, many suspected that she had bleached her skin.

5 can't-miss apps: Pushbullet, Radar, 'Big Emoji Quiz' and more

With Apple finally launching its music streaming service and new leaks about the upcoming line of iPhones, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Facebook plans to add third-party apps to Messenger

Facebook Messenger is slated to get a big overhaul.

Mashable has learned Facebook plans to announce that it's opening up Facebook Messenger to third-party apps during its upcoming F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco next week.

Did Messenger just make Facebook cool for teens again? Not quite

Being "cool" is a fleeting sensation for Silicon Vall

After years of testing, Facebook releases On This Day personal history reminders

If you're one of the billion or so people using Facebook to connect with friends and family, you now can use the social networking site to automatically celebrate your important memories.

Bluetooth umbrella makes sure you never leave it behind

Losing an umbrella is a part of life — one that often leaves you drenched in the rain and out at least $15.

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