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How Custom Stationery Can Work Wonders for Your Business

Customized stationery can play an important role in enhancing awareness of your products and services. It helps make a positive first impression and ensures your company stays in the minds of your customers.

5 Quick Office Organizing & Stationery Tips

1. Collect – all of your action items on one to-do list.  Write down all of your “to-do” items.  This includes grocery lists, errands, action items, phone calls, projects, etc.  You can collect all of this in It an electronic or a paper to do list.  Pick the format that works for you, but you should have only one and it should be portable.   Once all of your tasks are in one place it is easier to set priorities.  You will also free up your brain power to get to the higher level thinking we need in order to obtain our goals.

Check Out These Latest Design Trends For This Month

It’s time to break out of your (design) shell and try something bold. Larger-than-life bold techniques are the big theme this month as we look at three trends that incorporate items that make users look at the design.

Here’s what’s trending in design this month:


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