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STICKERS VS LABELS  kwik computing

Stickers VS Labels: The Real Difference between Labels and Stickers

Labels and stickers may seem similar but there are multiple differences that make each of them unique and suitable for different situations. Here are some of the key differences, followed by what to keep in mind when using each of these important items.


Size is one of the major differences between labels and stickers. Stickers are typically larger and thicker than labels. Labels tend to be thinner and smaller than stickers as they are used in a different way.


The difference between labels and stickers also pertains to the materials used in their production. Stickers are meant to be more durable and are thus made out of thick vinyl but labels are usually made from biaxially oriented polypropylene which is a synthetic material that is clearer, stronger, and more flexible. The material is commonly referred to as a type of plastic but it is a lot different from the plastic that we typically use in our daily lives.


The price of labels and stickers is also usually different from each other. Labels are more expensive to produce as the material that is used to make them is costly and they are typically produced in larger quantities. Stickers use cheap material and aren’t made too much in bulk .


The production of labels and stickers differs as well. Stickers are usually made in a limited quantity as they run for a short amount of time and they aren’t used anymore. Labels, on the other hand, are used more extensively and are thus made in more bulk than stickers. They can be used on a bunch of products without having to worry about providing outdated information.


Labels are mostly used for product branding and identification whereas stickers are used mainly for promotion. The promotion can be done in different ways and for various reasons but stickers basically come under marketing whereas labels come under necessities.

Important Note

Keep in mind though that these differences can be changed depending on what you need in terms of stickers and labels. There are businesses that have different preferences for each of the aspects of labels and stickers. The decision is ultimately up to you as only you know the reason that you want to use labels or stickers. If you’re interested in learning more about stickers and labels or want to place an order for a personalized one yourself, you can contact us at (+256) 392-178-141 or (+256) 756-188-141