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Job - Procurement & Logistics Manager


We are looking for a proactive and experienced Procurement and Logistics Manager to provide procurement and logistical services for the smooth running of company operations. This position shall be based in Kampala.


Who We Are


KWIK Computing Limited is a printing company that provides world-class and extremely high-quality products and services while empowering the staff and creating a safe and enjoyable environment to work and with people-centeredness and respect, equity and equality, and diversity and inclusion are the key foundation of Kwik computing Limited.

We are a full-time printing, design, stationery and branding company that offers a wide range of high-end quality products. With over 2 decades of experience, we have a strong background in printing and stationery supplies.

We offer affordable printing projects; offset printing, digital printing, textile printing, engraving to mention but a few, without compromising quality and timely delivery. Our strength lies in hands-on knowledge and an expansive network that we have built into an efficient system of service delivery.

We are committed to offering high end quality products in a timely manner that exceeds our clients’ expectation. With a strong and well-equipped in-house team together with state-of-the-art technologies, we deliver quality with perfection.



The Procurement & Logistics Manager role shall be supervised by the Managing Director in the performance of following duties:

1.      Provide leadership of the Procurement Unit including;

Ø  Developing appropriate systems, procedures and guidelines for the Procurement Unit.

Ø  Developing and managing the team budget.

Ø  Planning and setting annual targets for the procurement team.

Ø  Supervising and supporting staff in carrying out their tasks.

Ø  Submitting regular reports of procurement activities to management.

Ø  Providing timely advice to the Managing Director on all matters pertaining to procurement.

2.    Maintain a list of prequalified suppliers for the whole range of company products, services and works including:

Ø  Initiating the recruitment and selection of suppliers in accordance with company regulations.

Ø  Proposing evaluation committees for the Contract approval.

Ø  Negotiating long term agreements with qualified suppliers and service providers.

Ø  Communicating with suppliers in matters relating to placement of orders and responding to their inquiries.

Ø  Keeping proper records and contacts of international and local suppliers.

3.      Maintain procurement requirements for the Company including;

Ø  Liaising with heads of user departments and sections to determine their procurement requirements.

Ø  Collecting departmental procurement requirements and compiling them into annual and quarterly procurement plans.

Ø  Submitting quarterly procurement requirements to Managing Director for approval.

Ø  Liaising with user departments to prepare specifications, terms of reference and scope of work.

Ø  Placing orders with suppliers through use of LPOs.

Ø  Receiving and opening bids, coordinating the evaluation of bids and submitting reports.

Ø  Ensuring that suppliers deliver goods, services and works in accordance with specifications and terms of order provided.

4.      Manage and supervise departmental staff including;

Ø  Setting targets for annual performance evaluation. 

Ø  Monitoring performance and providing necessary guidelines and mentoring.

Ø  Establishing performance gaps and recommending appropriate capacity building plans.

Ø  Conducting performance evaluation of the team.

Ø  Ensuring that the necessary company procurement documentation or guidelines are in place and properly utilized.

5.      Manage the disposal of assets in accordance with the company policy.

6.      Supervise the maintenance of company vehicles and motorcycles.

7.      Perform other duties as may become necessary for the smooth running of the Unit or Company as a whole.

Key Result Areas

1.      Procured goods, services and works are in accordance with specifications and terms of order.

2.      Proper documentation and filing systems.

3.      Supply defects are minimized to 0% on all goods and services procured.

4.      Consistency and transparency across all the procurement processes.

5.      Purchase turnaround time is maintained to the required standard as per procurement policy.

6.      Cost effectiveness and value for money in all items procured and processes.

7.      Proper information flow in areas not limited to significant change in the market price of the goods and services that are required for production and servicing of machinery.

Key Performance Indicators

8.      Appropriate systems, procedures and guidelines for the Procurement Unit.

9.      Efficiency, effectiveness and quality of products and services.

10.   Organized quarterly and annual procurement plans.

11.   Maintained prequalified supplier list for the whole range of Company goods, services and works.

12.   Established evaluation committees for the contract approvals.

13.   Coordinated receipt and opening of bid documents, evaluation and submission of reports.

14.   Timely procurement of required items for effective operations.

15.   Timely advice to management on all matters pertaining to procurement and logistics.

16.   Established and working guidelines for company asset disposal.

17.   Supply and distribution planning for the procurement unit.

18.   Customer feedback.

Education, skills and Experience

1.      Minimum of Degree in Supply Chain Management/Procurement/Business Administration or any other related course; with a good command of the English language.

2.      At least three-years’ experience working in a similar position (preferred).

3.      Proven skills in procurement and Supply Chain Management.

4.      Ability to handle multiple tasks, proven self-initiative and problem-solving abilities.

5.      Excellent planning and coordination skills, with the ability to organize a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities.

6.      High-level analytical and strategic thinking skills, strong lobbying skills & research and good attention to detail.

7.      Good knowledge in printing and branding sector.

8.      Able to communicate effectively in English and knowledge of the local language.

9.      Must be detail-oriented and able to work independently with minimal supervision while being a strong team player and leader.

10.   Excellent computer skills including MS Word, Excel and Outlook.

11.   Strong skills in collaboration with multi-cultural and diverse teams.

12.   Good knowledge of the market prices and area of operation.

13.   Be able to work in a stressful setting and adapt quickly to changing environments.

14.   Willing to adhere to and implement the Kwik rules.



Please submit your application including your resume/CV, academic transcripts, references, and other qualifications if any, to [email protected] or hand deliver your application at the Kwik office located on plot 15, 7th Street, Industrial Area Kampala before 4:00 pm on 6th May, 2024.  Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.