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Best Print Marketing Materials to Increase Sales

1. Business Cards

 Often overlooked, business cards are extremely powerful when implemented correctly. Providing your team with quality business cards and handing them out any chance you get will ensure potential and returning customers have your information when they need it.

2. Letterhead & Envelopes

Custom letterhead and envelopes create a sense of legitimacy to your printed communications with customers. Using quality paper for your letterhead and printing a full-color logo shows your customers that you pay attention to detail in all aspects of your business.

3. Presentation Folders

Presenting your customers with a stack of papers is a good way to have your attempts at marketing thrown away quickly. Including pricing information, flyers, and contracts inside a custom presentation folder will ensure that documents stay together, are not damaged and are put in a safe place.

Presentation folders can be brought to conferences, face-to-face client meetings and they can be used within your organization for training materials folders or simply as office supplies to be used within your office space. Shared branded office supplies can help to increase your employees' familiarity with your brand and they also serve to boost morale since your customers and employees feel your brand is more established and universal.

4. Company Brochures

Every business needs a brochure to let customers know about the goods and services you provide. Brochures provide consumers with more detailed information about your company. Even if you're at a trade show and only have a few seconds to communicate with business owners or potential partners, a brochure can allow for you to have a much more in-depth conversation with them through print.

5. Catalogs

Although you can always point people to your website. A catalog is a chance to highlight your most profitable items. Catalogs also have a higher retention rate than a website does, customers tend to keep them for a long time going back to them when they are in need.

6. Product Data Sheets

Provide customers with a full-color sheet on a product flyer with detailed information about features, benefits and specifications of products and services your company provides. It will help the customer feel more informed and confident about making decisions.

7. Case Studies / Testimonials

Everyone likes to know you have other, happy customers. It lets potential buyers know that you have done good work in the past. You can hand out printed case studies and testimonials using flyers, which provide a lot of space for a wide range of layouts.

8. Thank You Cards

Always send a thank you note with a business card or two. Letting customers know that you appreciate their business lets them know that you care about them and doing so in print is the ultimate gesture. It is also a good idea to provide a feedback card to help customers let you know how they felt about your work.