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How to manage a huge client - Advice for keeping complex, multinational projects running like clockwork.

01. Embracing bulk file sharing services;

Taking advantage of the available file sharing services can save you the hassle of the sometimes inadequate or limited file size for your emails.

Some of the recommended file sharing services include;

1. - WeTransfer

2. - Dropbox

3. - Google Drive


02. Use Time Differences to Your advantage

UK design studio Koto has shot to success impressively quickly since it launched in 2015. It has rapidly built its reputation on the global design scene, and managed to snag 11th place in the Computer Arts Studio Rankings this year (you can find out more about that here). The studio's ascent was kick-started when Coca-Cola entrusted it with a global rebrand of Fanta, and since then it has worked with the likes of Airbnb, Gumtree and PayPal.

Client manager Katey-Jean Harvey handles Koto’s Coca-Cola and Airbnb accounts, and knows that multinational companies require a special touch. Here, she shares her tips for working with huge clients and keeping complex projects running like clockwork.


03. Embrace the chaos
“No two days are the same, which could be a problem for some people,” admits Harvey. “Although some people quite like the regularity of a day-to-day job, I prefer the chaotic moments: juggling lots of different things at any given time is a really satisfying challenge.

“You’re essentially a translator, and a diplomat at times – for me, that’s the most rewarding part: seeing the chaotic messages come through, and translating them into design. That’s how I get my kicks.”


04. Build relationships – and not just with the bosses